Here are some entries with added detail that may be of interest.

The first generation in the Netherlands was the predikant from Flanders:

  1. Vedastus Adriaanszoon Coornwinder

and his infamous son:

  1. David Vedastuszoon Coornwinder

and then his son who was a reputable notaris:

  1. Adriaen Davidz Coornwinder

and then one of his sons Pieter:

  1. Pieter Coornwinder

(A special note of a contemporary Coornwinder from the same village but who we can’t fit into the tree just yet:)

  1. Nicolaus Coornwinder

But back to Pieter, and through his son Henndrik, and then his son Cornelis,  and then his son David we arrive at:

  1. Arij.Coornwinder

Arij (who is the only found continuing descendent of Vedastus and even Pieter) had two sons but we’ll only follow the Koornwinder side via:

  1. David Koornwinder

David had only one son who reached adulthood:

  1. Arie Koornwinder

Fo personal reasons, we followed historically only one of Arie’s sons (but his sons represent the scattering of the name around the country):

  1. Klaas Koornwinder

We come close to current times with one of Klaas’ sons:

  1. Arie Koornwinder

Arie had two sons:

  1. Willem Claas Marie Koornwinder

  2. Johan Marie Koornwinder