NameDavid Koornwinder
Birth5 Sep 1787, Woubrugge, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
DeathFeb 1878, Bodegraven, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
Burial26 Feb 1878, Bodegraven, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
FatherArij Korenwinder (1756-)
MotherNeeltje Kroon (1756-1842)
Birth18 Nov 1797, Zoetermeer, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
Death1 Oct 1870, Bodegraven, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
FatherMaarten Brouwer (1770-)
MotherNeeltje Breetveld (1772-)
Children(no name) (1824-1824)
 Neeltje (1825-1826)
 Arie (1827-1905)
 Neeltje (~1830-1855)
 Maarten (1831-1835)
 (no name) (1841-1841)
Notes for David Koornwinder
David Koornwinder was born in 1787 Woubrugge, a small village just
north of Alphen. His wife, Hilletje Brouwer came from Zoetemeer a
little further south.  They both lived to very respectable ages, David
died at the ripe old age of 90 while Hilletje died at 73 years of
age.  The fact that they both lived far past the average life
expectancy of the time can probably be attributed to their wealth.

David Koornwinder started his career as a "bouwmans knecht" (a
construction assistant) but soon the historical records show that he
was a contractor in his own right, and a land developer of Gouwsluis in
Aarlanderveen and ultimately in 1850 he is registered as a
"rentenier" (an independently wealthy man).

In 1869 David and Hilletje moved to Bodegraven, presumably to retire
in this prosperous community.  Unfortunately, their timing was not
good.  In the afternoon on May 31st, 1870 baker Moll left his bakery
unattended to make his rounds around town.  The oven in the bakery,
which was left simmering, caught fire and quickly consumed the entire
bakery.  The fire department was no match for the fire and the strong
southwestern winds spread the fire to the city center.  The flames
reached across the old Rhine and soon the fire raged on both sides of
the river.  The fire burned the entire night and by morning, more than
100 houses had burned to the ground and 130 families were left homeless.

Fortunately, both David and Bodegraven were resilient, and soon the
village was rebuilt, more beautiful and larger than before and David
continued to live in Bodegraven until his death in 1878.  Hilletje
proved not to be as strong, and died the year of the fire (but not in
the fire).
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